VSee Clinic's Patient Dashboard

Log patient in and take them to VSee Clinic's patient dashboard
Step 1: Obtain patient access token from POST /users/sso
The API will return you the token (data.token.token) look like this 66bcd0acff324e8a44992d9596b5d361.
curl --location 'https://api.vseepreview.com/vc/stable/api_v3/users/sso?fields=vsee' \
--header 'X-AccountCode: sandbox' \
--header 'X-ApiKey: 8acd6ac0a7193ad17f56ce694e94df2f' \
--header 'X-ApiSecret: 8ece42756425bb1ec31aee0f29d02a87' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "first_name": "VSee Edward",
    "last_name": "Patient Sandbox",
    "type": 200,
    "email": "edward+002.patient.sandbox@vseelab.com",
    "code": "edward+002.patient.sandbox@vseelab.com"
Step 2: Redirect the user to your VSee Clinic page
You need to provide the user with a button or link to redirect to VSee Clinic. The URL will follow this pattern {your_clinic_domain_url}auth?sso_token={token}&next={next_url}.
Your Clinic Domain URL: https://sandbox.vseepreview.com/vc/stable
SSO Token:
Next URL: /u/sandbox